2008 Best Of Cool Season

This was noted by some as the best purple variety in the trial due to its deep rich color and clear face. Plants had dense foliage and were very uniform. This variety had a very high rate of survival during the winter.

A pansy variety with smaller blooms and with excellent flower coverage. Plants were noted to be sturdy with a nice plant shape.

This bicolor flower with solid purple wings makes a stunning contrast. The variety was noted for being very floriferous which created an excellent overall show.

This plant was noted as being the best white/blotch variety in the trial with very prolific flowering. Plants were noted for the nice rounded form and uniform overall appearance.

The large flowers had a great lemon color which was very bright. Abundant flowering and a great growth habit gave this an excellent overall appearance.

Large flowers were a beautiful soft yellow and very prolific. Plants were vigorous and very uniform overall.

This flower had a solid deep color and was considered to be the best golden yellow flower in the trial. Blooms were large and very showy.

This variety had a great overall performance. It was very floriferous with an excellent growth habit. Flowers had a blotch and a very pleasing shade of golden yellow.

This variety received the highest rating of any plant in the trial. Plants had a dense, compact growth habit. This variety was very floriferous and blooms had a particularly nice color pattern. Survival during the winter was very good.

This variety stood out due to the excellent uniform growth habit and controlled vigor. Flowers were an excellent shade of blue and very prolific.

Small flowers covered the plant and the overall appearance was excellent. The overall growth habit was very uniform and appealing.

The mounding growth habit was very uniform and made an excellent presentation with the abundant white and purple flowers.

Flowers were a solid, deep yellow color that really caught attention. The plant canopy was very dense and uniform.

This variety was noticeable for its excellent flowering and vigorous but controlled growth. Winter survival was perfect.