2015 Best Of Cool Season

This Pansy began to set itself apart early in the season, by March it had already begun putting on a show. It was a vigorous grower with an attractive spreading habit. The blanket of blue and yellow flowers caught people’s eyes immediately. Not only was it very attractive, it also had a 100% survival rate throughout the winter.

What made this pansy a winner is its great contrast on its large flowers. The flowers were a two toned, iridescent, violet and blue with a very well defined dark blotch. Evaluators noted that the contrast between the dark blotch and the blue/violet was what really made this pansy stand out.

This vigorous pansy was very uniform in growth. The large yellow blooms are what really made this pansy a winner. Large yellow flowers were described as having a great depth of color as well as having some darker, contrasting, whiskering.

The flowers of this pansy were perfectly on display, blooms were held well above the foliage as well as being perfectly orientated upward. An attractive purple blotch on the flower helped set this pansy apart. A very uniform growth habit only helped solidify it as the top white pansy.

Judges felt that this uniquely colored pansy did too well not to be recognized. Contrasting purple and yellow flowers created a striking appearance. In addition to the contrasting colors, consistent whiskering helped add even more appeal to the flowers. Judges stated the pansy’s many flowers could be seen a mile away.

How could a flower with a Mickey Mouse face not make everyone smile? Judges noted that there was excellent contrast between the two toned purple and white flower creating a Mickey Mouse like image. The uniform growth habit and countless flowers also gave this viola the ability to look great in mass plantings. This viola brought a smile to everyone’s face.

The first thing that judges noticed about this viola was its flower color. This viola had the deepest blue flower color out of all violas. Not only was the flower color impressive, the flowers completely covered the plant. This rich blue flower, as well as its uniform growth habit made it an easy winner.

Vibrant, delicate, electric yellow flowers covered this viola, it had so many flowers it made it difficult to even see the plant below it. These electric yellow flowers also had consistent dark whiskers that added even more interest to the flowers. The vigorous growth habit of this viola makes it a great selection for large plantings.

A nice mounding growth habit and many long lasting flowers gave this viola the edge oer others. This combination of an attractive growth habit and many flowers had judges describing this viola as a “great, full bodied” plant

A great display of sky blue and white flowers made this a favorite instantly. Not only were there many flowers but the combination of colors were remarkably consistent in every plant. In addition to the unique flowering, this viola displayed a very uniform growth habit.