2016 Best Of Cool Season

This Pansy has great flower cover, producing many blooms in a unique multicolor pastel blue and cream giving it lots of flower power. With its large, sturdy flowers and uniform spreading habit, Cool Wave Frost put on an excellent show overall, and was a standout in our trial.

A tidy and traditional variety with a tight habit, Inspire Plus Marina has a lovely light blue pattern and is quite stunning up close and from a distance. This friendly looking plant is very floriferous and is covered by large, upward facing flowers on short peduncles.

Another spreading variety, this vigorous Pansy came throughthe winter quite well. The flowers on this plant are a rich, pure golden yellow and have a wonderful and prominent whisker pattern. With its numerous blooms, Freefall Golden appears to be covered in color.

The Best of Orange Pansy category was added this year, as the judges could not overlook this exceptionally hardy Pansy. A traditional plant with deep orange, frilly flowers, it has a uniform habit and great flower cover, and over wintered especially well.

This eye-catching bicolor viola has a deep violet center with a nice fade and bright orange eye. With excellent flower cover and a friendly appearance, this Viola was described as “Stunning.” Extremely uniform in habit, theirs was a lovely row indeed.

This vigorous Viola is a strong plant with consistent growth. This plant is covered in large flowers that are papery white with a bluish blush and an adorable little blotch.

This variety has large, deep yellow flowers with a nice chocolate blotch. With its even flower cover and strong stems, this Viola is nice and showy.

With its stunning contrast of deep violet and vibrant orange, this Viola’s flowers show no fading. An excellent overwinterer, is even in habit and flower cover and puts on quite a display.