2017 Best Of Cool Season

This pansy stole the show in our trial with vibrant flower colors which were striking contrast between blue and yellow which were held up high on the plant for easy viewing. The flowers were numerous totally covering the plant which attributed to the larger spreading growth habit. The entire Cool Wave series was noted to have exceptional vigor and flower power but ‘Cool Wave Morpho’ was considered the best of the series.

This pansy had a unique flower color which was shades of blue and purple on sturdy stems and with excellent green foliage. This pansy had an attractive face with eyes adding character to the upward facing flower.

This floriferous pansy demonstrates a beautiful branching plants along with uniform growth habit. Inspire Plus Lemon exhibits a very pure and fresh color that is true to its name.

The huge flowers alone draws attention to this plant. The clear yellow flower color creates and array of bright and sunny looking flowers. This pansy would brighten up any landscape in the early Spring.

This pansy displays a large flower with deep rose color that doesn’t fade with age. Not only does the flower immediately catch attention but the large, branching habit of Spring Matrix Rose creates a very full plant and the overall effect is quite breath taking.

This pansy exhibits quality flower presentation on a branching plant with massive size flowers. The flowers are bright yellow color with a rich chocolate brown blotches. Plant stood out for the branching growth habit and massive size flowers.

The intense yellow and purple color of this pansy provides flower color that flourish across the whole plant with excellent coverage over all of the plant.

This variety had a rich, medium orange color on large, frilly flowers. Flowers were numerous with good growth habit. The cute, petite whisker on the flowers proved a good accent to the flower character.

This variety had an excellent flower presentation with a rich flower color and nice uniformity. Along with the beautiful dark green foliage, Spring Matrix Blue Blotch stuns with its gorgeous blue colors and larger blooms.

The spreading growth habit makes this viola very attractive for borders and nostalgic looking flowers bring back the idea of old-school violas. The eye-catching blue yellow with purple wing flower color is guaranteed to make everyone feel happy. It also was designated as Best Novelty Viola.

This viola demonstrates a uniform and tidy growth habit with a petite flower size. Flowers are a pure white and very floriferous.

This viola has more upright branching growth habit which is quite vigorous with many flowers. The very floriferous viola has a cute, inviting face with rich purple flower color.

This viola has bright, sunny petals with characteristic whiskers on tight, mounded plants. This viola has a very tidy and uniform growth habit and will certainly brighten up the environment.

This viola displays a truly blue color with a cherry yellow throat that fully lives up to its name. This viola is quite floriferous, with excellent foliage accompanying the multiple flowers all over the plant.

This viola is extremely unique with its soft blue and pure yellow coloration. In addition to the flower color, blooms also had notable markings that were unusual and simply eye-catching up close. Plants had good vigor and growth habit.

Flowers had an impressive velvety, dark purple/blue color combined with a nice bright center that really captivates the eye. The abundant blooms were also noted to be relatively large for a viola. Plants had good vigor and were very uniform.