2018 Best Of Cool Season

Vibrant flowers covered the plant all over including not just the top but the sides as well. Plants were vigorous and sturdy as well as being covered by blooms. White centers really made the dark purple flowers stand out. This entry also won the Best Trailing Pansy category.

Flowers were noted for their striking color of a large dark blotch in the center of deep blue petals. Blooms were significantly more abundant than any other Pansy in that category. Plants were vigorous and maintained good uniformity.

Unique flower color combined with a slightly ruffled petal edge to create a very dainty appearance. Light blue was around the outer edge of the flower followed by another band of white and a dark purple/blue center for a very relaxing combination of colors. Plants were very uniform and blooms covered the top as well as on the sides.

Plants were noted for impressive flower power and a nice uniform growth habit. Attractive purple whiskers added interest to the slightly primrose colored flower with a splash of yellow in the center.

Bright yellow flowers were very abundant and eye catching as they were well above the foliage for maximum flower power. The abundant blooms were also noted for being weather resistant and maintained their shape. Clear yellow flowers had no markings so color really popped.

Picotee flowers seemed to have a “crazy face” that was very bold and variable. Dominant purple whiskers stretched across the white inner petal while a band of dark purple was on the outer edges and it was capped off with a small yellow eye in the center. Flowers had a very unique overall appearance.

Vibrant flowers were a combination of three different colors. Varying shades of dark purple, violet and yellow created a lot of interest and although the color was variable the overall result was very captivating. Plants were rated highly for great vigor and good uniformity. This entry also won the Best Novelty Viola category.

Evaluators were impressed with the abundance of the light blue flowers and uniform plants. White centers had a smaller dark blotch for a very unique eye. Plants had a very nice mounding growth habit.

Vigorous plants looked like bouquet of prolific yellow flowers. The vibrant blooms were a unique shade of yellow and had small dark whiskers. Flowers seemed to be slightly larger than other in that category.

Flowers had an exceptionally dark, rich purple with a lighter violet halo that seemed to glow from the inside of the bloom. Plants were very uniform and flowering was very abundant.