2019 Best Of Cool Season

Vibrant flowers had an impressive contrast for a very bold appearance. Blooms were noted for standing up with their face held upward to create maximum flower power. Plants had excellent winter survival and were very uniform overall.

Plants were noted for strong flower power and a very uniform overall appearance. Prolific blue flowers covered the plants. Plants were vigorous and would make a nice ground cover as well as having a good trailing growth habit that would work well for containers.

Flowers were noted for their attractive blend of blue and yellow flowers that can't help but "create a happy feeling". Plants were very uniform with excellent vigor and great flower coverage. Nice mix of flowers also produce labor savings for growers that don't have to combine other plants to create the same effect.

The rich, velvet purple flower color was very impressive. Prolific blooming and a mounded growth habit made a great looking plant. Plants were a little more upright and very uniform overall.

Plants were noted for superior cold hardiness and good uniformity. Would make a good companion plant for pansies. Provides color for both fall and early spring. Flowers are attractive with shades of orange and yellow. Plants had an attractive busy growth habit and dark green foliage.

Great uniformity even after a very harsh winter made this the best Dianthus in the trial. Plants had abundant bud count and excellent vigor with attractive green foliage.